Our team is composed of women who have a passion for women and girls and with over 20 years. They are specialized in education, women, psychology, theatre, development and administration.

the executive committee

Lucia M Nkembi

MA: Director

Martina Zinkeng

PhD: Vice Director

Ursula Nkafu Nkafu

MA: Secretary

Josephine Atabong

BSc Finance: Accounting Officer

Mary Mbunya

MA: Treasurer

Louis Nkemanteh

PhD Fellow: Technical Adviser / President/CEO ERuDeF

Operational leadership

Lucia Nkembi


Mary Mbunya

Head of division, Humanitarian Services 

Josephine Atabong

Accounting Officer

Jingwa Laura

Senior Programme Officer , Women & Gender Programme

Metuge Lyzzete

Humanitarian and human’s right intern

Esther Ewune

Development/Communication intern