In the last couple of months Cameroon has witnessed a significant increase in the number of infections of the coronavirus as well as death rate and the measures put in place to combat the spread has been heightened. However, the number of confirmed cases seems to be skyrocketing. After trials of different vaccines created by different countries as well as herbal products produced in Africa, the world has received a series of confirmed vaccines from different medical research institutions. In the wake of this, Cameroon after being perplexed as to which vaccine to order finally Sinopharm vaccines.

In the early weeks of April, Cameroon received about 200,000 jabs of the Sinopharm vaccine from the Chinese government as a donation to Central African nations. The vaccine arrived at the time when Cameroon had recorded 61,731 coronavirus cases, with 56,926 recoveries and 919 deaths, according to the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Immediately after the arrival of the jabs, the head of government Chief Dr Dion Ngute expressed his readiness to receive the vaccine. A number of government official received the vaccine including the minister of health Dr Manaouda Malachi.

Despite the number of officials who have taken the vaccine and the efforts put in place to ensure every citizen gets the COVID-19 jab, many are still shying away. A series of campaigns have been launched to ensure that denizens of all regions take the vaccine, but the efforts seem to be nothing “I do believe there is COVID-19 in the country but I will not receive the vaccine if administered to me. The side effects are not known, even if they are, I will still not receive the vaccine” an inhabitant in the Southwest regional capital says. Many more fear to receive the vaccine and have vowed to not take it.

The level of disbelief amongst Cameroonians is alarming and this may just be the main reason for continuous increase of infection rate in the country. Coupled with the total disbelief they have in the government officials, measures are not respected as well as precautions taken at individual levels is lacking. At the moment infection rate in the country stands at 65,998 confirmed cases, 991 deaths with a total of 8,143 administered Covid19 vaccines, World Health Organization reports.

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