With the increase number of COVID-19 cases in Cameroon reaching 2,000 active cases, 905 recoveries and 64 deaths, the government of Cameroon continues battling with the killer virus. The president of Cameroon had handed a gift worth 2billion FCFA to help combat Coronavirus in Cameroon. Just 7days after the proclamation, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji Paul launched the distribution of the items.

In Southwest, Governor Okilia Bilai recently summoned Senior Divisional Officers of the region to collect the package to their various divisions. The consignment received from the Governor by the six Senior Divisional Officers of the region will reach the population through the mayors. The mayors are in charge of distribution to the local authorities. In all, 31 councils will receive this presidential gift to fight COVID-19. Items received included handwashing kits, buckets, facemasks, and soap among others. Southwest benefited materials worth FCFA 200million as its own share from the presidential gift. These items will go a long way to fight against the novel disease.

Mayors have praised this good gesture from the president considering the fact many people are facing difficulties getting these COVID-19 preventive materials. And also many councils are struggling to provide these items for their locals due to financial crises. Some mayors have also welcomed the move of the government, by putting them on the fore front on the fight against COVID-19. The donation from the Head of State will help many communities and people who have not been able to get these materials.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March, the government of Cameroon has been fighting the virus. It started with the 13 preventive measures. As cases increased the measures were added. Aside these measures, many donations have been made by the president, the first lady, some ministers and some private organizations. All these gestures are aimed at kicking out the virus from Cameroon. It is proving productive as many cases are recovering from the virus. The government has sworn not to rest until COVID-19 will completely be eradicated from the country.

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