CAWI office continues to receive an influx of desperate internally displaced persons seeking for support. This week, the director of CAWI, Lucia Nkembi granted audience to a desperate lady Ngoe Clemantine, a female in her mid forties is said to be displaced from Konye because of the Anglophone Crisis. She recounts how gun shots made her to leave unprepared to Buea where she is presently residing at Sand Pit in a rented apartment.

Now faced with the challenges of COVID-19 and its prescriptions and restrictions by government officials, she finds it very difficult to meet with daily basic needs for herself and her five children and two dependents. It is on these bases that she visited CAWI office to benefit from the CAWI Economic Empowerment Revolving Fund. She intends to do a business in provisions store.

CAWI Director grants audience to a needy IDP accompanied by her friend

It should be recalled that CAWI Economic Empowerment Revolving Fund was initiated to support female IDPs in economic activities that will give them an economic stability. The fund is an interest free loan  that is paid back within an agreed duration. Hundreds of women have benefited from the fund

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