Anglophone Crisis: 4 boys shot dead, women stripped naked

Every single new day in Anglophone Cameroon comes with its own story. Usually such stories are never pleasing to an ordinary man except the belligerent parties. Saturday January 23rd is one of those sad days’ denizens of Bamenda, capital city of the Northwest region of Cameroon will wish to wipe off their memories Four boys […]

As CHAN unfolds, Cameroon records 1607 cases of COVID-19 in 7 days

COVID 19 pandemic is far from over as Cameroon records new cases and well as deaths as a result of the pandemic. The Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health, Dr Manaouda Malachi in a tweet says Cameroon has registered 1607 cases of COVI9-19 in 7 days. The regions with most infections include the Littoral Region, Central […]

COVID19: Infection rate Increases in Cameroon’s Schools

The fight against COVID-19 intensifies in the major cities of Cameroon. As measure to combat the deadly pandemic, screening was carried out in schools in Yaoundé and Douala, Cameroon’s political and economic capitals respectively. The mass testing which lasted for about a week saw a total of 204 positive cases amongst students and pupils.  Over […]

As Cameroon hosts CHAN: Military crackdown, violence spike in Anglophone Cameroon

The Anglophone crisis has undoubtedly brought misery and pain to the masses in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. Over four years and counting the problems keep mounting with literarily no solutions on sight. Despite calls for peace and normalcy, things seem to get worst every passing day.  Lives are threatened every day. This […]