ERuDeF Centre for the Advancement of Women's Initiatives
Championing the empowerment of women and girls in Africa
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Women and Gender
Cawi coordinates and Implements the ERuDeF Women and Gender Programme
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Humanitarian Programme
Assisting the internally displaced persons (IDP) and refugees across Africa.
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The Pencil Case Project
Empowering and promoting the future generation of conservation leaders with focus on girls through wildlife arts
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Women Empowerment

Supporting women to overcome gender bias which presents a major obstacle towards achieving sustainable development

People in Need

Assisting the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees


Reinstating youths as well as integrating them into the functional economy through activities in the domain of education, agriculture, business etc.

IDP 2035 Education Initiative

It seeks to bring back to school 500,000 internally displaced children, rehabilitate child soldiers and integrate them into functional and economic life

IDP 2035 Rehabilitation Programme

To provide more than 1 million individuals with opportunities for full and effective participation/inclusion in society and access to all services

IDP 2035 Food Security and Economic Recovery Fund

This program seeks to increase greater access to nourishing meals and return over 500,000 IDPs back to functional economic life

The Reparation Programme

Support communities for abuse, injury, loss or destruction, resulting from the Anglophone crisis by reconstruction of 500 villages, hospital and schools

The Rehabilitation of the Anglophone Cameroon Cultural Heritage Programme

For the last 60 years Anglophone heritage has been systematically booted and there is need to rebuild this.


CAWI is a membership, non-political and non-profit organization created in 2010 by ERuDeF as a specialized unit. CAWI was initiated to support women’s initiatives and to address issues affecting women, girls and youths.


CAWI seeks to mainstream to women and girls and other gender dimensions in to the environmental, developmental and human rights programmes in cameroon.


  • To support women and girls in sustainable environmental management 
  • To support women and girls in economic development
  • To support women and girls in humanitarian programmes


Women and Gender Programme

We empower women, youths, girls and aged via institutional strengthening, economic literacy, empowerment and education.

Humanitarian programme

We mitigate the impact of crisis on internally displaced (IDP's) persons and refugees in Cameroon towards rebuilding their lives and communities.



CAWI seeks to achieve gender equality, empower women and girls through mainstreaming women and gender into sustainable women led programs


Women Empowerment

Piglets donated

2011-2013: Piggery Project: The project witnessed the donation of 100 piglets to 100 women in Lewoh Lebialem with its multiple effect on other hundreds of women in subsequent years.

Women Trained

In the production of mayonnaise 

Women Trained

In the transformation of Cocoa into Cocoa oil, Chocolate and Mambo 

Women Trained

In the production of perfume from natural flower

Women Trained

In the production of spaghetti from flour 

The Humanitarian Program

IDP's Trained

In the transformation of cassava into starch, flour, fertilizer, animal feed and Bio gas   

IDP's Trained

In the transformation of coconut into fiber for wool carpet, oil, milk,powder and shoe polish 

IDP's Trained

In the identification and uses of varieties of medicinal plants

IDP's Granted free medical consultation

The CAWI Health Cluster in collaboration with EYA FOUNDATION USA granted free medical consultation and provided drugs to more than 50 Internally Displaced Persons in Buea South West Cameroon following the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis.

IDP's Trained

Economic Empowerment Project. Above 200 female Internally Displaced Persons trained on Tablet Soap Making in Buea, South West Cameron and in Dschang, Menua Division of the West Region.

IDPs received WASH kits

Water Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) Cluster: Close to 100 IDPs received WASH kits consisting of buckets, toilet tissue, sanitary pad among others. The objective was to better their health and sanitation condition.

Education: Youth and Children Program

Students Sensitised

CAWI Education Project at GHS Buea Town (2018): Donation of Text Books, School Bags, Money to needy girls and sensitization of more than 1500 students on the importance of Education.

£ 0 +
Donated to Students

CAWI Education Project at GHS Buea Town (2019): Pioneer Launch of the SALOME UK Women Empowerment Rain Forest Arts Competition for displaced and needy girls in collaboration with CAWI. The laureates received 500 pounds, 250 pounds and 150pounds respectively. Additionally all contestants were empowered with art kits and certificates of participation.